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Making The Transition

As a contemporary London based jewellery designer I create timeless themed pieces of jewellery with symmetry by manipulating the geometry of organic and man made forms to produce tactile well-balanced designs. Attention to detail combined with precise high quality finishing is an integral part of my craftsmanship. I have a broad spectrum of influences which keeps my mind open and receptive to new experiences with design. In order for me to develop designs from an initial influence into a collection the theme would need to have scope in terms of related topics for me to depict detail from and use these elements to create unique designs.

My latest Honeycomb collection featuring voluptuous, sculptural forms in rich, warm tones draws its inspiration from the age-old craft of honey making. From the hives and the bees to the striking geometry of the honeycomb these unique pieces buzz with intricate details and tactile surfaces. 
Hey honey I'm home!






The Abyss collection that I am currently developing is highlighted with blue topaz / sapphires and influenced by oceanic related elements ranging from the natural fluidity of waves and vortices to man made portholes. The abyss plays its part in the detail of the designs inspired by deep-sea creatures with black ruthenium and black pearls.


Author: Thomas Nayler

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