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Frequently Asked Questions

Within this section we have answered all frequently asked questions related to our delivery terms and personalised jewellery. Please scroll down the page to find answers to your queries. If you do not find an answer to your question please contact us.

Q - If I am ordering from abroad, will the prices automatically be converted into my currency?

Yes. All orders placed on our web site are automatically converted into your currency by your bank. You able to convert the prices on our website to your own currency by selecting your chosen country from the drop down menu positioned at the top of our web page. If your currency is not shown please use this online converter: http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/

Payment and Delivery:

Q - Can I pay by cheque, postal order, bankers draft, Bank Transfer (BACS) or pay by card over the phone?

You can now pay by debit or credit card over the phone, we do accept cheques, postal orders and bankers drafts for all payments. All cheques, postal orders and bankers drafts must be made payable to Thomas Nayler. Postal orders and bankers drafts must be crossed so only the recipient (Thomas Nayler) can cash the payment. NOTE: Orders can only be made once we have received your payment in full and the funds have cleared. * PLEASE EMAIL US PRIOR TO POSTING PAYMENTS.

Bank transfers (BACS) are by far the quickest and safest method of payment due to secure online | telephone banking! All payments should be paid into our HSBC bank account by using the following details below: Please email us to obtain a ref code for your transaction.

NAME: Thomas Nayler
SORT CODE: 400122
REF: obtain one from us. 

For international money transfers please use the following HSBC bank details listed below:

NAME: Thomas Nayler

Q - Who delivers my orders?

For all orders within the UK we use Royal Mail special delivery services. For international services we currently use Royal Mail international signed for and Air sure for priority orders.

Q - Do you ship to the USA or anywhere else in the world?

Yes. We dispatch all our jewellery products internationally. Orders are sent by Royal Mail's international signed for and Air sure services for safety and insurance purposes. If you would like to pay extra for UPS courier delivery please contact us.

Q - Is my order insured?

All orders are insured up to the equivalent value of your order/s whilst in transit.

Q - Can orders be traced with a tracking number?

Yes we can track and trace your order and supply you with a tracking number on request whilst your order is in the Uk. All Uk orders can be tracked on the Royal Mail website. To track your order within the USA you will need to visit the United States Postal Service website - (USPS).

Q - How much does delivery cost?

All orders priced over £150.00 GBP are posted worldwide for FREE. If your order is less than £180.00 GBP a £8.00 postage fee will apply for UK orders, all European orders will be charged £12.00 and world wide deliveries will cost £15.00.

Q - How long do orders take to arrive in the UK and abroad?

Most products ordered from our website are delivered in the Uk within 7 - 14 days. Complex pieces may take longer to produce and the lead time will be stated within your order confirmation email sent by Thomas Nayler. If you have any concerns over delivery times please email us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. We do know how important Birthday, Christmas and Wedding gifts are so we do take this into consideration and will aim to meet any given deadlines! Orders placed over the Christmas period may take longer to be made and delivered, please email or call Thomas Nayler to discuss your requirements. NOTE: If you require your order to be made within 5 days you can select the "speedy delivery" at checkout.

All international orders will take the same time to produce as UK orders - (7 - 14 days), however the delivery times for abroad are approximate and depend on the day of dispatch and timescale of delivery once your order has arrived in your country. You can expect to receive your item(s) typically within 5 - 10 working days of being sent from the UK and a further 2 - 3 days for delivery from your countries delivery service. NOTE:We can not be held responsible for Postal delays outside of the UK and with customs control.

Bespoke Personalised Jewellery:

Q - Can I commission you to make my own name necklace design, company logo or symbol, etc?

Yes. Most things are possible and quotes are provided by email on request!. Please email your designs in a jpeg, pdf or gif format to: sales@thomasnayler.com

Q - Do you sell wholesale jewellery in other materials?

Yes. We can mass produce your own brands design or logo into a unique custom pin badge, lapel pin or create a design for you from scratch. Quotes are given on request. The materials that we use to mass produce for example pin badges are stainless steel, brass, bronze, coloured acrylic, wood and all base metals that can be silver or gold plated. NOTE: Wholesale orders are not all handmade and machinery will be used to either die stamp or laser cut products. Please contact us with your design concept and we will be pleased to advise and supply you with a quote. View our main bespoke badge website.

Q - Do you make promotional products for company branding and events?

Yes. We are a manufacturer of bespoke logos, promotional products and personalised jewellery - we can produce promo products tailor made towards your company image or mass produce our own designs for your company / brand. No matter if you are a small business or corporate company we have the means to mass produce quality promo items at competitive prices. We have produced promotional products for the likes of Brewers, London Luton Airport, Red Bull™ and the Urban Music Award's in the past. We offer an expert in house graphic design service to help with your logos, product branding and company image. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Quotes are given on request!

Q - How to go about ordering a personalised name necklace?

At the top of our web page you will find a main heading for Personalised Jewellery, if you hover over this main category a large flyout menu will drop down, there you will see a list of three sub categories: Classic jewellery / Unique jewellery and Celebrity jewellery which represent the different styles of jewellery we sell, all of our sub product sections are located here for ease of navigation. Within the large flyout menu all the sections run down to the left and if you hover over these you will see an example product image to your right to help you find what you are wanting to order.

Once you have naviagted to a name necklace section several sample product images will be shown as an example of what different names look like in the different fonts & finishes available, therefore you can choose any font, font size etc next to any image when ordering! NOTE: If you place an order next to a sample image with a special finish, e.g: roll print, hammered, diamond cut, etc - your order will be applied with the same finish as the sample image you ordered next to other than this you can place your order next to any of the sample images within its section and personalise it with your desired name,font,metal,metal thickness,size, etc and a highly polished finish will be applied as standard unless otherwise instructed by yourself.

Q What is the thickness of metal used for your name necklaces?

The standard thickness of metal used is 1mm for sterling silver and 0.8mm for 9ct yellow, white, rose gold and 18ct yellow, white, rose gold. Different thickness of metal can be used by selecting the metal thickness you require from the drop down menus displayed within the relevant personalised necklace sections.

Q Can I order a name necklace in a thicker metal?

Yes. The different metal thickness we have available online are: 1mm, 1.2,mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 2.5mm for sterling silver name necklaces. We offer: 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm and 2mm for 9k / 18k yellow, 18ct rose and 18ct white gold name necklaces. If you require an extra thick chunky name necklace made we can work with 3mm, Quotes will be given upon request by email.

Q - Are name tag orders supplied with chains?

All sterling silver and gold name necklace orders are supplied with a free 16 inch chain of your choice, 18, 20, 22 and 24 inch chains cost a little extra. You will have the option to personalise your necklace from a choice of five chain styles and lengths within each name necklace section.

Q - What are the font sizes for your classic name necklaces and graffiti name tag necklaces?

Sizes are approximate and are based on an average name that consists of 5 - 6 letters. Graffiti name necklaces have larger size dimensions than our classic  script name necklaces due to each name is hand drawn.

Small - 3.5cm (length) x 1.5cm (height)

Medium - 5cm (length) x 2cm (height)
Large - 6cm (length) x 2.5cm (height)
Extra Large - 7cm (length) x 3cm (height)


Small - 3.5cm (length) x 1.1cm (height)
Medium - 5cm (length) x 1.6cm (height)
Large - 6cm (length) x 1.8cm (height)
Extra Large - 7cm (length) x 2cm (height)


Small – ranging from 10mm - 16mm wide - (depending on the proportions of the font type you choose)
Medium –  ranging from 15mm - 21mm wide
Large –  ranging from 20mm - 25mm wide
Extra Large –  ranging from 24mm - 30mm wide

Size dimensions will vary in height depending on the font your name is designed in, for example: A wildstyle font will be higher than a standard uppercase font due to the arrows that fall below the letters. It is for this reason why the uppercase font is our cheapest style available!

Our personalised graffiti necklace and fancy script name necklace size dimensions can be found within their relevant product sections under the GUIDE TAB: NAME TAG NECKLACE & CARRIE NAME NECKLACES. NOTE: Names with more than 6 letters may be longer depending on the font type chosen and names with less than 6 letters may be shorter in length! If you require your name necklace to be made to a bespoke size or font please email us.

Q - Why do some name pendants have one central loop and others have two small loops either side?

Generally ishorter names or initials which consist of one - four letters and that are made in a small - medium sized font will have a single central loop and longer / larger names will have a ring attached either side of the name for balance, however you can specify your requirements after ordering by emailing us or add a note in our comments box at checkout when paying for your jewellery.

Q - Will my product look exactly the same as the fonts you feature on your web site?

Customised graffiti items are individually designed and handmade therefore will not look exactly the same as the font types featured due to the different types of letters and arrangement of letters within names. The font types are for guidelines purposes only, however every effort is taken to ensure all designs look as close to the font type ordered. All the name necklace images online are for demonstration purposes only to show you what different names look like in each font and you can order next to any image as you are simply personalising a unique necklace with the options that suit your taste and budget.

Q - Can I see what my name tag order will look like before I buy it?

Graffiti design proofs are not automatically emailed to customers prior to you placing an order, however In some circumstances we may consider emailing you with a proof. Graffiti design proofs will ONLY be automatically emailed to you after your order has been confirmed - this is due to the amount of work involved with the design process. Classic name necklace design proofs will automatically be emailed to you as they are generic computer fonts and can be designed easily.

Q - Can I see what my graffiti name necklace will look like after ordering?

Yes. Once we have received an order we will email you several design proofs to choose from prior to making your jewellery and we will carry on designing untill you are 100% happy. We will only hand make a design once you have approved a design by email. If you have specific design concerns, please feel free to contact us after you have read our terms and conditions and we will endeavor to meet your requirements where possible. Design proofs will only be emailed to customers prior to ordering at Thomas Nayler's discretion.

Q - Can I request changes to a finished customised product once I have received it at home?

We regret that personalised items are excluded from our Refund & Returns policy due to the nature of the product. We email design proofs to our customers, and we will only start to make your order once you have approved your chosen design by email. In the unlikely event that your name necklace is faulty or damaged in transit please refer to the Repair section in our Terms and Conditions for further details and we will be pleased to resolve the problem as soon as possible for you.

Q - If I ordered a personalised cuff bracelet would my wording / name be repeated?

Yes. Single names will be repeated as many times as the design allows and the number of names repeated will depend on the size of your wrist and the length of name ordered. Note: If you order a long phrase or several different names then we wouldn't repeat the wording. You can specify your requests by emailing us.

Q - Does the size of the nametag vary when personalising hoop earrings?

Yes. When ordering hoop earrings with a graffiti nameplate or phrase, the greater the number of letters ordered, the smaller the text will be.

Q Why does the wild style font type come in two different thicknesses?

The wild style and thin wild style font's are our most popular font's so we are offering thick and thin variations. Several design proofs in different wild styles are provided once you have placed your order.

Q - Why are the Wild and Street style font types more expensive?

The wild and street style fonts are far more intricate and complex than the other fonts to make as the lettering is more joined up and extra details are often incorporated such as: double arrow heads, stars, flicks, hearts and halo's which do take longer to make and design. NOTE: Not all wild and street style designs will have the same detail as each other due to each design is unique and individually designed to suit the letter combination of each name. Bespoke requests are undertaken.

Q - Can I have my name necklace designed with extra features?

Yes. You are now able to add extra features to your name necklace order from the drop down menu within each of our necklace product sections. If you would like your name to incorporate a unique detail, precious stone or symbol that is personal to yourself that is not listed then please email us prior to purchasing your personalised jewellery and we will incorporate this into your design for you and advise which option to select.

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