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To use our Ring Sizer, please follow the steps below:

  1. Print it—make sure to uncheck the “fit to page” option on your print command screen so that the page is printed out at 100% - (full scale).
  2. Cut out the sizer.
  3. Make a slot in the sizer by cutting along the line next to the A.
  4. Roll the sizer into a circle with the numbers on the outside.
  5. Insert the end of the tab into the slot.
  6. Place the sizer around your finger and pull the tab through the slot until the paper is snug around your finger. NOTE: The sizer should fit comfortably over your knuckle.
  7. Read your finger size on the scale below. NOTE: The sizer is demonstrated in U.S ring sizes, please refer to our international ring size conversion chart for U.K sizes.


Print this ring sizer at 100% , cut it out and measure your finger by following the detailed instructions stated!