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Jewellery Aftercare

To help keep your jewellery in excellent condition we recommend that you have it cleaned at least once a year. This will allow us to check for signs of damage or wear and tear and suggest a suitable repair before it becomes a serious problem.

If you have a special piece of jewellery that becomes damaged we offer a high class repair and  re - finishing service to solve this problem for you. All our jewellery repairs are accompanied by a 6 month guarantee. If you wish to extend this guarantee please contact us.

As an experienced jewellery craftsmen I am able to carry out the highest quality work which includes:

  1. Jewellery restoration and repair – from £50.00
  2. Jewellery cleaning and re-finishing services - from £20.00
  3. Ring sizing – from £50.00 - Prices depend on metal type and size of ring.
  4. All work guaranteed

Jewellery Care Tips

All of our jewellery has been made with great care and finished to a very high specification, however all jewellery made from sterling silver is still vulnerable to scratches so please avoid heavy-duty activities whilst wearing your jewellery such as washing up, gardening, D.I.Y, etc.

18ct gold commissions can be cleaned using a soft polishing cloth (unsuitable for matt finish) Diamonds and other precious stones can be cleaned using mild washing-up liquid on a soft toothbrush, then rinsed thoroughly with hot water.

Sterling silver can naturally oxidise with time causing jewellery to turn grey or even black in colour, this is a result of the silver being exposed to the oxygen in the air where the metal alloys - (usually copper or zinc) react and cause the silver jewellery to tarnish. The other main reasons why your silver jewellery could tarnish are due to chlorine or skin acidity which fluctuates according to diet or medication. Some perfumes and sea water also tend to tarnish sterling silver so it is advisable to avoid swimming with your jewellery and to put your jewellery on after spraying perfumes, hair spray and any other sprays of that matter!

Oxidisation better known as tarnishing is common on jewellery during the summer time as higher temperatures and humidity accelerate the process and you tend to sweat more which increases the acidity in your skins pores. It is advisable when your jewellery is not in use, to store it in a tarnish / acid free box or paper.

Regular cleaning can also help prevent the formation of silver sulphide or tarnish.
Silver jewellery can be cleaned by using a silver dip solution following the instructions given, a cheaper option which works well also is a standard anti tarnish polishing cloth which we can provide you with on request. If you do not want to invest in professional cleaning products It is good practice to clean your sterling silver jewellery with washing up liquid and rinse thoroughly with hot water - be sure to dry straight away with a soft cloth or tissue to avoid water stains. Alternatively your jewellery can be returned to Thomas Nayler where your jewellery can be re-polished, re-finished and/or re-matted for you on request. Polishing clothes and silver dip solutions can be purchased on request.

Hope this helps and thanks for reading,

Thomas Nayler