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Here you can browse through our contemporary jewellery designs located within their own unique designer jewellery collection.

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  • Carven Wedding Rings

    Carven Wedding Rings

    Robust hand carved rings that are made for men and built to last. Matching rings for women are handmade and diamond cut for a feminine touch. Band widths from 2mm - 14mm are often made.
    From £214.20
    Available Reduced price!
  • Squink Ring

    Squink Ring

    Dark and glamorous! This ring is inspired by the infamous giant squid, black squid ink and its natural habitat - the deep dark ocean that lies beneath...
    From £308.00
    Available New!
  • Hex Claw Ring

    Hex Claw Ring

    This sophisticated engagement ring combines sensuous curves with striking geometry. The vibrant 6mm hexagonal cut citrine is set within a six bee claw setting.
    From £238.00
    Available New!
  • Personalised Charm Bracelet

    Personalised Charm Bracelet

    A personalised sterling silver charm bracelet, skillfully designed with any letters, name or phrase and expertly handmade in our very own luxury graffiti fonts.  
    From £350.00